Royal Deer established in 1978, is the oldest of the interior design, fabrication and signage companies in the region. The original owner, MR M. Ghazal, pioneered the path for interior design and achieved many notable projects in the local residential and commercial fields, as well as with private clients and contract projects throughout the Middle East.
Our Goal is towards building smart ideas according to Client satisfaction by providing total turnkey solutions from concept design to the Project execution of the interior projects from Commercial, Hospitals, Residential, Offices & Retail Outlets, Hotels, Showrooms, Cinemas, Studios and many more.
Our mission is to meet the needs of the clients through safe, reliable and environmentally aware. Royal Deer Interiors Decorations is an ardent follower of Sustainable Interior Designing practices. Most of the time you spend indoors, you are surrounded by some form of interior design. These beautiful interiors have a great influence not just on you, but also on the environment around you.
Here are some Eco-Friendly products we use:
• Adhesives/Sealants.
• Automotive Products.
• Bathroom Products.
• Building and Construction Materials.
• Cabinetry Ceiling Systems.
• Cleaning Products/Systems.
• Finish Flooring.
• Furniture Gymnasium Equipment.
• Glass & mirrors.
• Storage Solutions.
• Stainless Steel Finishing.
• Window Treatments.
• Wood Finishing Products.
Our business is built on providing quality services on time and within specifications. We’re here in the region to help you get the best. Whether you need Design, Joinery services,Mechanical, Electrical, Plumping services,Fabrication, Glass, Signage and Digital printing, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Feel free to stop by and speak to one of our experts today about your needs.