Royal Deer can manufacture special glass for interior design and for various applications across many segments –offices, hotels & restaurants, commercial/retail spaces, our client can choose from transparent, translucent and opaque glass to improve natural light, ensure safety or enhance aesthetics.
We are the best in the market to provide custom glass repair, replacement, and new installation for Homes & Villas, Hotels, Offices, Restaurant, Commercial & Retail spaces.
We offer special designs of glasses for:
• Glass wall and wall cover.
• Doors & Partitions.
• Frameless glass sliding walls.
• Office Glass Reception Desk.
• Mirrors.
• Glass Restroom Partitions.
• Retails Display Showcases.
• Glass internal signs.
• Any kind of offices spaces.
• Showrooms Tops.
• Doors & windows.
Whether you need general consulting or full-service design and planning,
And if you want a worry-free installation from start to finish.
Our managers, designers and engineers are available to give you the help that you need.

We are the best of providing interior glazed solutions, Including operable walls and double glazed walls,
By using laminated white glass panel on each side.


Floor & Railig

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Windows & Doors