Royal Deer continues to be recognized as a design leader in all sectors, the company will remain at the firm’s core value in making the best for our client by creating a unique designs though it continually looks at new concepts, innovations, and attractions to develop stronger, newer city-making ideas. Our experienced designers provide the best for our clients by collecting the requirements, and latest technologies & trends.
Our Design Services includes:
• Space planning.
• Master design plan and budgeting.
• Design and execution of outdoor living spaces.
• Layout design.
• 3D visualization.
• Indoor and outdoor paint selections.
• Ceiling design and lighting specification.
• Material Specification.
• Furnishings.
We start our design by researching and analyzing the client’s goals and requirements as well as functional and environment requirements. Integrating these findings with knowledge of interior design & latest technologies, we formulate the two and three dimensional designs to be practical, aesthetic, and conducive to intended purposes, such as raising productivity or improving life style of occupants. Client is involved in each stage of design and costing to ensure their design specifications are met.
How Design Process Works:
• First we collect the requirements analyze the space with client.
• Determine budget, scope and schedule.
• Prepare the contract for approval and signature.
• Gather the specification sheets: such as drawings, colors, fabric, tile, carpet, furniture & lighting.
• Evaluate design plans.
• Create final proposals for client’s approval.
• Quality control by design through communication with client, vendors and contractors.
• Final touching and project completion.